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  Mission Statement  

"Creating 21st Century Leaders"


1. All Students can be successful.

2. Collaboration is essential for the school to function properly.

3. Organized classrooms promote a safe learning environment.

4. Responsibility must be shared by all stakeholders.

5. Effective teaching must be focused, specific, and standard based. 

  About The School  

Pioneer Pride

Creating 21st Century Leaders
Creating 21st Century Leaders

     Man Middle School serves a diverse population of students in grades 5th through 8th .  Our school is located in Mallory, WV.  The attendance area for MMS has a higher than average rate of poverty.  A grant written on the county level provides free breakfast and lunch for all students. 

    Man Middle School takes great pride in the nurturing and development of the pre-adolescent students attending our school. We, as the staff, believe that tremendous educational and developmental progress is being made, and the commitment, by all, will continue in the future for our students at Man Middle School.

     The development of our youth in the 21st Century will greatly depend upon the development of the necessary skills and tools in order to be successful in their growing years.

     Hopefully, with the commitment of our community, families, teachers, and students, everyone will become more positive and productive learners who will be able to compete in today’s global market of the future.

     Man Middle School will continue to make every effort to improve achievement in all areas of education, citizenship, leadership, and socialization skills.