Man Area Bus Runs

Bus Number Driver Schools Location - Man Area
14-6 Roger Adkins MHS MMS MAN Elem AM Curtis, Lorado to Italy Bottom (AM - HS, MMS, Buffalo) (PM HS, MMS, Curtis - Buffalo down through Kistler)
15-3 Danny Harvey MHS MMS BUFFALO Proctor Bottom PM, AM Buffalo Grade begins at Crites Appartments, PM Buffalo Grade, Crites, Stowe, Lundale, Lorado, Toney Fork, Curtis
2062 Brad Copeland MHS MMS VOC Robinette, Riley Camp, Upper Lundale straight stretch (green building to walk bridge), Greenvalley HS AM VOC
12-2 Andrea Thomas MHS MMS BUFFALO

Crown, Clay's Market, Proctor Bottom, Greenvalley Middle School AM ONLY

PM SHUTTLE South Man Pre-K, Man Elementary, Buffalo

2085 Crissy Ferrell MHS MMS BUFFALO Foodland, Accoville Hollow, Town of Man (MHS and MMS)
2098 Tammy Gibson MHS MMS MAN Elem

ELEMENTARY AM Mac's Auto Parts, Town of Man, Ellis Bottom, Greenville

Pick up Pre-K students at Man Elementary and take to South Man Grade

2091 Jerry Fekete MHS MMS MAN Elem Claypool Walk Bridge to County Line
2083 Cathy Day MHS MMS MAN Elem Yellow Bird Hill - Long Bottom, Mallory Hollow / Green Valley - Elementary / Greenvalley HS PM ONLY
10-1 Mary Adkins MHS MMS MAN Elem Elk Creek, Christian, Verner
14-7 Kevin Mathis MHS MMS MAN Elem Sandlick, Landville - Bruno, Green Valley, Middle School PM ONLY/Greenville (Man Elementary)
2092 Michelle Vance MHS MMS BUFFALO

Madison Creek, Earling, HS, MS, South Man, Lyburn, and Neighbert

Madison Creek, Earling, Taplin to South Man Grade and Man Elementary

2033 Alan Bailey / Brenda Branim MHS MMS BUFFALO MAN Elem Special Needs
2052 Aaron Mitchem / Debbie Midkiff MHS MMS BUFFALO MAN ElEM Special Needs