Homecoming 2016

Pioneer Homecoming Week

Man Middle School 2016 Homecoming

 5th Grade Attendants

Audrianna Conn

Linzie Vanover

 6th Grade Attendants

Tori Honiker

Morgan Cooper

 7th Grade Attendants

Jewel Robinson

Brianna Simpkins

 8th Grade Attendants

Haven Riley

Zoey Phillips

Shania Kennedy


Pioneer Homecoming

Spirit Week Days



October 3rd               Monday                     Crazy/Mismatched or Twin Day

Mismatched Clothes, Crazy hair, and twin day.  Wear your craziest clothes; mismatch them; do some bizarre with your hair, and/or get a twin to do the same.


October 4th               Tuesday                   Favorite Cartoon or Comic Book Character OR Sports Day

Dress as your favorite cartoon character, comic character, or your favorite athlete.


October 5th               Wednesday              Tacky Tourist Day or WV Day

Wear your tackiest tourism clothes like Hawaiian shirts, shorts, sandals, and floppy hats OR wear gold and blue.


October 6th               Thursday                  Pioneer Day or Camo Day

Pioneer day or camo.  Wear Pioneer gear, Pioneer colors, or camo.            


October 7th               Friday                        USA or President's Day

Wear red, white, and blue or dress as your favorite president or politician.